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    • caming at night
      Jeep Camping Accessories

      Jeep Camping Accessories

      I have owned my Jeep for several years and camping is probably one of the first activities that you will find your self doing more of since it doesn’t require as much to upgrade your vehicle to get you outdoors. I spend tons of time surfing the internet to find great ideas to help offer…

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    • camping hammock tent
      Camping Hammock Tents

      Camping Hammock Tent – Go Lighter

      OK I know many people are fond of the traditional camping tents but many are starting to see the light and popularity of using a camping hammock tent is starting to take off. There are several conveniences to using a hammock system for camping even if you are a family with multiple members. Let’s jump…

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    • sleeping bags for camping
      Sleeping Bags for Camping

      Sleeping Bags for Camping

      One of the most important pieces of gear is the sleeping bag for camping on that next trip. In my younger years I used to over look the importance of a good night rest, now I understand that not getting enough rest during the night can easily ruin the trip for you and others. We…

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    • camping fire pit
      Camping Fire Pits

      Camping Fire Pit – without the smoke

      So there are plenty of pages out there that discuss all the different types and methods for creating fires. I could mention those here but those have been covered.  I want to call attention to a few ideas that I feel can hopefully improve your camping experience.  The camp fire is an important piece of…

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    • About Mark

      Hi everyone and welcome to my site Just Outdoor Adventures. As long as I can remember I have enjoyed camping outdoors or just being outdoors. It has taken on many different variations over the years from outdoor sports to hiking and car camping. Its the place where I can get away from the regular world…

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    • Thank you for this informational article!! I've been waiting for an article like this.

      by Hannah Barnard Jeep Camping Accessories

    • It could all depend on the setup but I would bet it might be a little cooler. You can minimize that with the underquilt that attaches beneath the hammock. And you will also have insulation in the sleeping pad and sleeping bag.

      by admin Camping Hammock Tent - Go Lighter

    • I do have a hammock that we use when camping. We have always just used a tarp to cover it when it was going to rain. We never purchased it together. This is always a great item to have when you are backpack camping. It would be so easy to set up and takedown. What models include the clips to hold sleeping bags in place, I. would like the ability to add a sleeping bag when we are not backpacking. John

      by John mmm Camping Hammock Tent - Go Lighter

    • A very interesting concept indeed that I have neither seen or considered before. Would you say it is warmer than your regular tent or the exact opposite? I would agree that one big advantage is being isolated from bugs crawling on the ground that may possibly find their way in.

      by Schalk Zeeman Camping Hammock Tent - Go Lighter